How to use your gkilo

GKILO is a dual clock and kitchen scale. Resting on one side, the LED numbers act as a scale, displaying the weight of any objects placed on it. Flip the GKILO over, and the lights will display the current time. Using simple hand motions, users can easily reset the scale or adjust the time. In stand-by mode the object can be used as paperweight or shelf.
Your GKILO is equipped with a touch sensor, near the LED display, and with an inclinometer, inside the GKILO. These two sensors are responsible for all the interactions with the object.


With the GKILO in Scale position (i.e. with the LED display indicating the weight), you can find the touch sensor to the left side of the LED dispay. In this case, you can use the touch sensor to set the tare: touching the zone on the left of the display for more than 1 second, the GKILO will subtract the read value of weight to all the further measurements, and the current value of the weight will be set to Zero.


You can change function simply flipping the GKILO over: an inclinometer will detect the orientation change and the GKILO will pass from Scale mode to Clock mode. We suggest to flip the GKILO taking it on the short sides, in order to avoid any unwanted touch of the touch sensor near the LED display.

CLOCK MODE: Set the time

With the GKILO in Clock position (i.e. with the LED display indicating the time in digital format), you can find the touch sensor to the right side of the LED display. In this case, you can use the touch to set the right time: with a long touch (more than 1 second), the GKILO will enter in adjusting mode and the LED display will start to blink. The first thing to do is to set the hour to the correct value: this is made possible simply touching the touch sensor (with short touch). Each touch corresponds to an increment of +1 in the displayed hour. The format of the time is hh:mm, 24 hour format. When the hour is correctly configured, you can go to Minute adjust, with a long touch (more than 1 second). Hours will stop to blink, and minute will start to blink. Now, with short touches, as described for Hours, you can set the correct value of minutes (each touch corresponds to a +1 in minutes). When the minutes are correctly configured, you have to perform another long touch (more than 1 second) to exit from Adjust mode.


In order to realize a kitchen scale in accordance with our vision (minimalist design, natural materials, animism), we decided to develop GKILO as a uni-body, with scale plate glued to the rest of the object. This allows to obtain an eye-catching device, and implies some recommendations to use GKILO in the best way. In particular, the sensitivity is different between the center of the scale and the border zone. Thus, we suggest to weight your objects in the center of the scale. If the object has a “distributed shape”, so it’s impossible to place it only in the center zone of GKILO (diameter of 5-6cm), please put on GKILO our GKOIN (the plexiglass accessory with our logo, that you will find in our package), then set to Zero the GKILO (see “Scale Mode” paragraph) and then put the object/food on the GKOIN. Doing this, you will concentrate the weight on a smaller surface in the center of GKILO and the measurement will be correct.


Inserting 4xAA batteries, the electronic boards inside the device will start to work and the GKILO will be ready. At the moment, the duration of the batteries in stand by mode is 60 days, but we are continuing to improve our firmware, so the consumption will be further reduced in the next future. Anyway, we suggest to use rechargeable batteries, that have a lower environment impact.